Outlook 2007 locks up frequently

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  • I've noticed this problem in one of my users using outlook2007 with exchange2007.  I found that he was connected to a 4 port switch... I gave him a static IP and took him off the switch and now his outlook works without a glitch.  I don't know if this will help anyone, but if you're using exchange2007 in office, trying giving the user a static IP...
    Wednesday, February 25, 2009 6:36 PM

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  • To All,
    A lot of testing was done in referece to "KB970892" (BCM 2007 front-end/back-end solution)

    On a Backend server running BCM 2007 on SQL 2005, the client (VISTA/Windows 7) running SQL 2005 must match the version of Service Pack running on the Back-end server.

    For instance:

    If the backend server Windows 2003 R2 with SQL 2005 SP2, then the client (VISTA/Windows 7) must run SQL 2005 SP2 (Not SP3)
    If the backend server Windows 2003 R2 with SQL 2005 SP3, then the client (VISTA/Windows 7) can run either SP2 or SP3

    When a new client is setup to pull updates from the Microsoft Update server, the security update, "KB970892", for SQL 2005 SP3 is available to the client by default.  There is no check being done to verify what SP is running on the backend server.  Therefore, the "KB970892" for SP3 will be install on the client.

    On a server running Windows 2003 R2, SQL SP3 for SQL Server 2005 will not be available through the Windows update service.  You will have to download and install SP3 manually.

    In frontend/backen scenario, if the backend server is up to date with SQL SP, then this issue will not occur.  Outlook will function normally.

    Note:  The same situation applies if the backend server is Windows 2008 R1/R2.


    Wednesday, October 28, 2009 10:37 AM