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  • I recently bought a Dell  lattitude 10" tablet that has the broadcomm gnss built in.  It works with the maps program that comes with it but I installed Microsoft streets and trips and it doesn't recognize the gps.

    Anyway to make this work?

    Friday, February 8, 2013 3:06 PM

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  • yeah I bought one too and wanted to know what it can do? I mean at least dell should have put in an app that we can use it for....

    Friday, March 1, 2013 9:12 AM
  • The issue is that S&T is written for legacy interfaces. The Microsoft S&T team has not written to the new interfaces that Windows has for built-in GPS hardware.

    See: http://gcoupe.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/microsoft-does-it-again/

    Saturday, March 9, 2013 9:20 AM
  • Somehow, we need to get MS to feel our need. The above link is accurate but not enough.

    I doubt if MS is watching these forums but maybe...

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:42 PM
  • The Location API was actually introduced in Windows 7 - I wrote some how-to type articles at the time. I commented that it should make things easier (I had in mind the lack of "should just work" in the existing NMEA standards for Windows/PCs).

    I guess the problem now is that Windows is being deployed to more devices with integral GPS device such as tablets and tablet-wannabes.

    As a short/medium term workaround, can an NMEA 0183 driver be found and installed for the integral GPS?

    Richard Marsden
    MapPoint Add-ins at Mapping-Tools.com

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 1:35 PM
  • As noted, Streets and Trips will only talk to a com port. However, I was able to get my Latitude 10 (Broadcomm chip, Win 8 Pro) to work using Centrafuse Localizer  to write the NMEA data to a virtual com port the app creates (must run as Administrator).

    Note the latest drivers from Dell did not work. I was getting sensor data but no NMEA data. Check out his Installation How To thread in the site forum under Localizer Support. He lists a couple of tools you can use to verify you are gelting NMEA data. (you cannot use the Bing Map app to do that)

     In order to fix mine, I ended up installing Lovono Broadcomm drivers referenced on the site.

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 2:36 PM