copy of files off server onto USB drive to 'look' exactly the same on laptop. RRS feed

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  • I have a  large folder of CAD drawings that is mapped as a drive to all the workstations, K: drive. When an assembly drawing is openned the software goes out and finds all the component files for the drawing. ie, CAD software knows what folder on 'K: drive' it has to look in. 1 drawing file might reference 500 other files. I want to be able to syncronise the entire folder (k: drive) on a USB drive then plug the USB drive into my laptop and have 'K: drive' appear so when I open a drawing on my laptop the drawing file can go out and find all the external references on the USB drive as if the laptop is still connected to the network. When the laptop IS connected to the network I want it to find 'K drive' as usual. When disconnected, I want it to think the USB copy is 'K drive'. I then want to be able to plug USB drive back into server and have any file changes in either direction syncronised automatically.

    Does this make sense and if yes, will synctoy do it? and if yes, do I install synctoy on server or laptop or both?


    Friday, June 18, 2010 5:53 AM