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  • I have OneCare installed on my home computer.
    There seems to be an anti-support philosophy connected with this product line inasmuch as there is no 800+ service number in the ten page manual that comes with the system. Why is that?
    I had to completely uninstall everything and I am now trying to install OneCare. The problem is that I have dial-up which combined with the lack of an 800+line really wastes a lot of time.
    I put the ID in and the password and OneCare will not accept it. When I hit support at the sign-in screen, I never progress to where anyone acknowledges the issue nor does it seem to move me along in the support process.
    I am at work now where we have multiple lines (unlike at home where there is one line for tel and the computer). I do not have the computer here but perhaps some one could communicate, at least, to help with the sign-in process when I go home?
    You can reply to this email address - ASAP, please - and/or call - {deleted]. I shall be here until 12:30 EDT (it is now 11:07). Would someone get back to me before 12:30, please?  
    Thank you.

    {deleted email}
    Sunday, June 21, 2009 3:46 PM