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  • I have Money Plus Deluxe (not sure if there's a "year" in the version, but in "About Money" I see "Version I've long since lost the installation CD, have not yet downloaded Sunset, and I am migrating to a new computer.

    Is there any way to bring Money over to the new machine? Losing all of my Money data would be a disaster.

    Am I SOL?




    Friday, February 18, 2011 1:22 PM

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  • Install Sunset on the new machine. Only bring your *.mny and recent *.mbf files to the new machine.  Be sure that your Money (*.mny) and backup (*.mbf) files are copied to a spot that you will have full privileges to, such as Documents.
    If they are in a place like ProgramFiles, Windows 7 will create an impermanent copy of the file for the user to use, unless the user
    explicitly right-clicks at launch and choose RunAsAdministrator that time.

    After you open your Money file on your new setup, whatever version, change the location to which Money backs up to a location that
    exists on the new computer -- typically your Documents folder or a sub-folder in Documents.

    Look to PocketSense to download OFX statements from your broker and credit card.

    While you are thinking about it, review your backup policy. Include the periodic use of other media, and even consider off-site backup.

    Friday, February 18, 2011 6:32 PM