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    I have posed this question on the hardware forum and have not received any replies.  Hopefully, someone in the software forum can help me.


    I have installed Windows Home Server and connected 3 PC’s to the server.

    The version information for WHS is:
    Windows Home Server Console: 6.0.1500.6
    Windows Home Server Backup & Restore: 6.0.1500.8
    Windows Home Server Drive Extender: 6.0.1500.6
    Windows Home Server Remote Access: 6.0.1500.6
    Windows Home Server Storage Manager: 6.0.1500.8

    The automatic backups are working fine for 2 of the PC’s.

    The problem PC is a Dell XPS420 running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600.)  The PC has 2 500GB Serial ATA hard drives.  The system is new as of January 2008.  There have not been any hardware failures.

    The backup of the drive C: completes OK.  The second drive (E: on this system) gets the following error:
    Failure Details for Volume (Local Disk):
    An unexpected exception occurred on the computer.
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupOperation.IsSamePath(DirectoryInfo di, String[] path)
     at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupOperation.GetExcl

    The event log shows:
    Received abort message from SYSA with reason 7.

    I have done some research on this and have followed a suggestion of running a CHKDSK E: /F /R.  I have taken the drive out of the backup.  I then deleted all backups of the PC and then run the CHKDSK.

    I am continuing to experience this error.

    I appreciate any help that may resolve this problem.




    Sunday, April 13, 2008 5:33 PM

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  • Good news for anyone that has been interested in my problem.


    I considered that the problem drive just would not backup.  I reconfigured the backup to process only the drive in question.


    I discovered that the drive is ok and backed up properly.


    I suspected this to be a problem caused by inadequate storage capacity on the server to backup both drives.


    I reconfigured the backup to do both drives expecting to get the failure.  A failure would prove, in my thinking, that I lacked adequate storage capacity on the server.


    Much to my surprise both drives backed up this time.  ????  I'm at a loss on how to explain this, but I can't argue with success.






    Thursday, April 17, 2008 1:18 PM