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  • I would like to contact someone regarding a complaint against an xbox customer service agent who provided me with wrongful information and was very unprofessional when speaking to me. What are the contact details of someone who can assist me with this? I do not want a link for an online feedback system or support chatline, I would like an email or direct contact number. Highly frustrated with xbox customer service at this moment.
    Monday, July 28, 2014 4:17 PM


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  • Please see:  Xbox Support - Contact Us

    Carey Frisch

    Monday, July 28, 2014 4:31 PM
  • I have had it with Microsoft! I purchased an Xbox One at the end of May. It was a special Halo edition that I had to order and wait for, thru game stop. In the beginning of July it would not eject one of my brand new games. The disk could be heard grinding inside when I turned on the machine. I paid $60 dollars for the game. I called customer service and took their option called the advanced exchange, which sends me an Xbox to use while the repair mine. This cost $15. My only other option was to pay for postage to return mine and wait without an Xbox for them to fix mine. They ended up telling me to keep the replacement Xbox, however, my $60 game was still stuck inside the original machine, which I had returned. I called customer service and explained that their hardware destroyed my software. This call lasted approximately 1 hour in which I had to explain my situation 3 times before it was understood by the rep that I just wanted my game replaced. The rep then proceeded to tell me that it wasn't a Microsoft issue, but that I need to call the game publisher for a replacement. I said no it's Microsoft's issue because their hardware took my software. I asked for a supervisor and was told that my only "option"was to by the game with my own money from the Xbox store and he would refund me. I reluctantly accepted this resolution but did not have funds available for two more days. I then played email tag with the supervisor for 2 weeks until they finally called me back to follow through with this resolution. The original rep called me and told me to purchase the game and then to end the call with him, so the supervisor could call me back from the supervisor station to process the refund. I did and waited a whole hour before the supervisor finally called me back. He processed the refund and we ended the call. I the tried to play the game and the refund he processed removed the purchased game from my console. So I have $65 tied up on my card while the refund process, which is why I wasn't happy with this "option" in the first place, and also no game. I have a Sony playstation 4, and have had it for a year. I have never had an issue with it. I had an issue with my PS3 once and it was dealt with quickly and professionally. I am going to copy this entire post and post it to every media medium I can. All I want is my game. Also I would like to actually speak to someone at Xbox in the U.S., who was some authority to fix my situation and even that was impossible. Boooo Microsoft.
    Sunday, August 30, 2015 3:05 AM