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  • Are there any rumours about a possible integration of OCS 2007 with an IP Centrex architecture ?

    We all know it is possible with a traditional PBX thanks to the mediation server, but will there be any integration of the Centrex one day ?
    Tuesday, May 29, 2007 2:23 PM


  • First, the term integration means a lot of things or nothing to a lot of people. Let's assume that you are looking at a PBX networking (or interconnect) scenario where some users would get their telephony from the Centrex and some would get it from OCS and you want to ensure that calls can go from one to the other easily, if possible respecting existing dial plans.

    There are few functional differences between an Centrex and a PBX. It is mostly the operating model that is different. Therefore it is conceptually possible to do such an integration. There are however practical difficulties.

    There would be two possible models:

    - colocated Centrex and OCS, where the two are deployed within the hosted data center; the current OCS-PBX integration topologies would be used in that data center deployment (i.e. using approved Media Gateways between the two systems). You would need to provision the Centrex to route calls destined to OCS to the correct trunk and MG; and vice versa. The service could be delivered across a private (VPN) network to the Enterprise or across the Internet through the AV Edge servers. One aspect of this though - OCS may not have yet all of the tools expected of a hosted solution (management of multi-tenancy, carrier provisioning tools, etc)

    - Centrex in data center and OCS on site; this is a bit more odd and would require a lot more coordination between the carrier and the customer. One may wonder whether there is a real business opportunity there.

    Last, the real strategic question is whether the Centrex would not eventually become unnecessary and replaced altogether by a hosted version of OCS (rather than integrated). This is of course a long term question.


    Saturday, June 9, 2007 1:36 AM