Batch file for mounting and unmounting Volume in Windows 10 RRS feed

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  • Hello all, quick question: This has already worked but for whatever reason doesn't work anymore...

    Was using those batch files to mount and unmount Volume in Windows:


    @echo off

    REM Be sure to change this to the drive letter you want to mount the drive to!

    set drive=E

    REM Be sure to change this to the Volume Name of the drive you want to mount!

    set volume=\\?\Volume{52ade1a4-0fd4-44cd-aa69-bfda739bb9e6}\

    set volume=\\?\Volume{4d654d26-f65d-4c67-b83c-876de0d6820b}\

    set volume=\\?\Volume{59cc5e85-9403-425f-bd28-c22ed4e8ab8d}\

    set volume=\\?\Volume{52fdf924-f0fb-4ba7-99e0-096a9c9d124a}\

    echo Mounting Drive...
    mountvol %drive%: %volume%
    echo Drive Mounted!



    @echo off

    REM Be sure to change this to the drive you want to unmount! 
    set drive=E:

    echo Unmounting Drive...
    mountvol %drive% /p
    echo Drive Unmounted!


    Since a while this is not working anymore. Any help would be really appreciated. Hard drive connected by USB docking station.


    Friday, December 13, 2019 7:04 PM