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  • Hi, Chris here. Some of you already know me. I'm a MS beta tester and technogeek.

    As I'm sure you have too, I've come up with technology ideas that I and those around me thought were truly great, but I struggled with getting my ideas 'out there' and through tech companies' doors like Microsoft. It's a minefield! There are so many legal roadblocks that make those companies 'scared' of the very thing they should embrace – the brilliant ideas of everyday Edisons like you and me.

    I decided to do something about it, so here in LA me and a small team are in the early stages of creating a portal called Bideas - 'Where big companies bid on big ideas'. You could think of it as a sort of private 'eBay for ideas', in any sector, not just computing. Just like eBay revolutionized the second hand market, and largely took down antiques shops, I want Bideas to revolutionize the way our innovations are tapped into, and take down the antique patent system founded in 16th century Greece – one that's come under a lot of criticism of late, and the other copyright systems that cost more than they're worth when someone steals your idea anyway. They just can't keep up with modern technologies, but that's exactly what the Internet can do.

    I'd love you to take a look. I'm sure it raises a lot of questions, and so in anticipation I've prepared an FAQ at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bideas-com-where-big-companies-bid-on-big-ideas/x/5900221#faq

    I'm building it for those like us, because I'd want to use it, but there was nothing out there like it. If it's a system you'd like to use too, let's make it happen. I appreciate all questions (and of course any support).

    From one geek to another, keep thinking, and never stop innovating. I truly hope to make an outlet for it all soon.


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    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:49 AM