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  • Hello TechNet,

    My System information is as follows:

    XP Home Edition
    Version 2002

    AMD 64 Processor 3800+
    2.41 GHz
    2.93 GB of RAM

    DirectX 9.0c

    Here's my problem.....

    After installing the game, Hyperbowl, everything went as should have I went to play it. When I clicked on the Shortcut that was provided with the install, I got this error message which read,

    Error Z0001: Internal error

    This error message box was about 3"W x 2"T I could either click on the 'OK' raised button in the error message box are click the 'X' at the top right of said message box. I was wondering if you could help me with this error message please?


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  • Hi,

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    Where is the Forum For…?

    Thank you.

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  • Friend I am so sorry. I'm a sixty year old retired over the road trucker that knows nothing about computers. I wouldn't have posted it here are anywhere except for the fact I have a 15 year old Grandson who makes great grades and want's to play this game. I bought it originally when I bought my first issue of XP Home Edition. I bought the Plus for XP disk and that is where I found the 1st lane of Hyperbowl. I then immediately ordered the disk. I have in fact had it installed. Now after a clean install with no problems I insert the original disk click on the short cut it starts to run then I get this, Error: Internal error message. Anyway, you have many things to do I'm sure rather than listen to an old man ramble on about nothing. You have a wonderful week....Sir you have a wonderful life. Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips.

    Good day Sir,

    Byron Michael Harrison...aka...Really_Rotten

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