How to Sync after change tracking information is trimmed on the server? RRS feed

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  • I really worry about one particular catastrophic situation which easily can happen with Sync Framework based application when change tracking is used. By default SQL Server 2008 only keeps change tracking information for 2 days. Imagine poor Joe, who synced his client app on Friday then worked all weekend offline making changes to his local copy of the database and then get to the office on Monday and try to sync his changes back to the server. What he gets is an error message saying that sync failed and to continue he must redownload server copy of the database, which means he loses all his changes. Terrible!  We can increase the default value of 2 days and make SQL Server keep change tracking information longer, but it is still possible that some client goes offline for longer than that and then loses even more of her changes.


    As this situation must be very wide spread there probably are some recommended (and easily implementable) ways to mitigate it. It could be slow and not efficient, but there must be a way to sync changes back to the server when change tracking info is purged.  Could somebody please shed some light on this subject?


    Thank you!


    Thank you! Konstantin
    Sunday, August 29, 2010 6:20 PM