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  • I want to continue my discussion from here as recommended by Forum Moderator.

    Here I my questions.

    In the first paragraph from here .  The actual output format is selected by the user, and can be abstracted from Windows Sonic implementations; audio will be presented to existing speakers, headphones, and home theater receivers without needing any code or content changes.   so spartial sound can apply to speaker or not? 

    There are lots comments from numerous online forum argue windows spartial sound support and output only 2 channels, even 'virtual 7.1 surround' is enabled.  is that true?

    Does spartial sound override windows default format? When I plug regular on PC front panel, supported by realtek, windows audio will show a separate item for 2nd output aside from speakers, when spartial sound enabled windows default formats would gray.  

    if spartial sound is only apply to headphones.  How does it distinguish from other audio devices or speakers?  I use a soundbar with Bluetooth.  windows audio identify it as a heaphone.     

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017 5:58 PM

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  • I'm not sure why you were directed here. The Developing Universal Windows apps forum is for developers to discuss writing their own UWP apps. This is not a forum for questions about general Windows capabilities.

    As noted in the docs you quote, a point of spatial sound is to abstract the actual audio from the developer: an app can write to the spatial sound API without having to worry about if it will come from speakers, headphones, etc. How it outputs will depend on the specific hardware and system settings.

    Obviously if there are only 2 channels available then 7.1 surround input will be compressed into those 2 channels.

    My guess is that the Bluetooth soundbar is recognized as a headphone because it's using the same Bluetooth profiles that headphones use (e.g. A2DP). Again though: this is way off topic here.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:02 PM
  • I know this is off topic for developers.

    I still could not find definite answer to my questions.  Windows spatial sound state 'audio will be presented to existing speakers, headphones, and home theater receivers without needing any code or content changes.  Existing speaker can refer to devices listed on windows audio already supported by drivers,  most common used realtek and sound blaster? is that correct?

    For the channels, developers from different sources were able to patch realtek driver to enable DTS or dobly digital into 5.1, addition to windows default formats, when enable spartial sound, default format automatically set to 2 channels 16 bit 48000HZ.  That is why many users argue spartial sound only support 2 channels.  This means spatial sound only support 2 channels, even virtual sound 7.1 is turn on?    

    Friday, July 28, 2017 3:06 PM