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  • Hi Everyone,


    I'm hoping someone can help me solve a couple of problems I'm having with my WHS, before I pull out any more of my hair!

    I have an HP MSS EX490 with WHS powerpack 3. For a few months it ran as smooth as silk, but over the last couple of months a couple of strange things have been appearing.

    First of all the Home Server Console has become increasingly slow, to the point no where it is barely usable. If I connect through RDP, the RDP connection is relatively quick, but trying to open up the console once I am there is again incredibly slow now.

    The second more fundamental problem is that the server loses connection to the network. It used to be once every few days, and now it can happen after just 30 minutes. The one thing I noticed was that this problem started after I (stupidly) did a windows update on the server.

    So, given the 2nd problem was the issue, I ended up doing a server recovery. This went OK first time round, eventually. However, once I get the connector up and running, it still runs through the update process and needless to say I have the same issue.

    I have checked out various suggestions from various forums, including power save options on the NIC, stopping backups, reinstalling the latest connector software, but to no avail.

    So these are the things I'd like to ask members:

    1. Is there anyway of performing a server recovery without performing any updates from windows of HP? During one attempt, I ran the initial connector software install with the router being disconnected from the internet, but WHS still tried to perform the update and simply refused to move on until it was hooked up to the internet again.

    2. Is there any other option I can try before having to try and dump all my data off the 4 drives and perform a factory reset, which will be painful to say the least?

    3. Should I have a go at using Vail in its current form? If it doesn't solve the problem, can I easily revert back to WHSv1 or is this a one-way path?

    4. Any other tips or advise?

    Hair getting thinner by the minute....

    I appreciate any help that you guys can give me.




    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 11:49 AM