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  • When I click the icon to open Songsmith (09.07.1300) in WIN 7 Pro 32 bit, it does not display anything on the screen.  I rebooted, un/reinstalled and it still will not display anything. I just have the taskbar icon showing it is running.   TASK MANAGER shows it running. Even tried running the installer in Compatabilty mode.   I see a PROCESS in Task Manager for it at 67,240K in size and 00 CPU.

    I sometimes see a flash of a possible window opening, but nothing displays on the desktop.


    Really disappointed a Microsoft program does not immediately run when installed.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012 5:20 AM

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  • Sorry Songsmith isn't working out for you...

    I can't say for sure without sitting down at your PC, but this sounds like it *may* be a case where Songsmith is opening correctly but is opening up on another monitor that isn't actually visible.  Is there any chance you have multiple monitor outputs and one of them isn't going where we think it's going?

    This may be a longshot, but it's easy to test.  After starting Songsmith, before selecting any other programs, hold the "windows" and "shift" keys down and press the left arrow key a few times.  This isn't something specific to Songsmith, it's the Windows 7 shortcut for moving windows from one monitor to another.  With any luck, Songsmith will make its way to your primary screen.

    Similarly, you can try this: start Songsmith, and before you do anything else, just press "enter".  This should start music playing a couple seconds later, and will tell us whether Songsmith is in fact running (and just not visible).

    Worth a try... sorry I don't have a more solid answer.

    -Dan from the Songsmith team

    Thursday, January 26, 2012 5:36 PM