Breadcrumb problem with multiple users RRS feed

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  • I am using a web.sitemap and a pathhandler.cs file being called in the application_start are handling my custom nodes for my breadcrumbs to be displayed.

    The problem i am having is when 2 or more users logged in to my website and they happen to be in the same area of the site...
    The custom breadcrumb for one user will change to the other users custom bread crumb. I have stepped through this in debug mode by opening to separate browsers and watching what happens with the parent node. The parent node seems to be changing for the user when the other user is making most recent selections while navigating.
    It's almost like each page request by the multiple users are sharing the same "resources" from the web.sitemap and pathhandler.cs

    Side note: the addNode() method in my pathhandler.cs is NOT a static method.

    User1: Breadcrumbs say... "Ben Folds > Automobile > Automobile Profile Edit" but the user is Fred Astaire. Ben folds link should say "Fred Astaire".

    User2: Their breadcrumbs are fine until User1's parent node changes then the same problem occurs for this user.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:13 PM