hacker on my pc i think


  • Im using windows 8 single language, I think its not a virus when scan my pc no virus found, there was a change about my pc even I didn't make it until the time welcome I cant access to my system, C:drive is empty, cant change firewall, and any security system, even if im sign in as a administrator account until im tired to do  anything. I do system restore point to my pc, when it done, everything is ok, but it that time,, I been open task manager I notice there was automatically 21 background process is appear, I do end task all process well done,,, I stay focus on my task manager especially on process  I never do anything to my pc,, I notice that there was automatically process appear in the background process but I never do anything in my pc so I all do end task again, I close the task manager a couple of second the I open again, there was a background process again,, but this is it,, I hold my mouse to do end task, the background process is automatically disappear,, OMG,,, the process is 'COM SORUGATE" WMI HOST PROVIDER,,, Microsoft and many more, pls help me thanks
    Wednesday, May 06, 2015 3:07 PM


  • Hello,

    I'd ask in the Virus and Malware forum on Microsoft Community, or the Windows 8 forum on Microsoft Community.

    As the Microsoft Community is on a different platform, we cannot move the question for you.

    Once there, click on Participate near the top of the screen, and select 'Ask a Question' or 'Start a Discussion':


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