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  • I'd like to see an add in for WHS that will work with windows update to detect the patch status of the home PC's and will update them accordingly from WHS.  If you have WHS, there's no reason to have multiple PC's hit windows update if you could do it from one place.


    this may be out of the scope of WHS, but it would also be nice for a radius client to be included so home users could use 802.1x to keep the untrusted ppl. off of your home network/wlan.  Of course there is a trade off between functionality and ease of use, but that's why it's called an add in right?


    Last, if you want to get real fancy, add in hooks for an access control service that won't let a PC on the network unless it is patched and running antivirus, etc.  This may be able to be tied to windows defender/one care as a value add.  This assumes some intelligence in the network equipment - but with demand, those features could end up in the home network market.


    It would also be nice to have my MP3 player able to be sync'd wirelessly from my car in my garage/driveway to WHS's media share.  This assumes zune/other mp3 player has wireless capabilities.  That way I can install the player in my car and forget about it.  It will always be up to date.

    Thursday, June 14, 2007 2:16 PM