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  • There may be an instruction set or video that answers these questions but I have not found it. I have a user who's contacts are sorted by categories. I would like to bring the contacts from one category only, into CRM as contacts and companies(accounts). I would also like to maintain those contact records so that the user can view them through Outlook contacts as he does now (under the target category) or through crm. Once added to Outlook, will the contacts displayed when viewing the category through Outlook be updated as changes are made through CRM? Or does CRM create a new set of folders for CRM data/ records? Is the best way to move the contact records into CRM contacts and accounts, to first export the outlook data to an import file such as excel? I am unclear as to where/ how the records are stored. Does CRM create a new set of folders (for contacts, and companies (accounts) in my Outlook contacts?
    Monday, December 5, 2011 4:44 AM

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  • I can answer some of your questions. 

    When you install the CRM client for Outlook, CRM can be accessed from within Outlook. You will see a new set of folders that points to the CRM records. The records are stored on the server and not on the end-user's machine. However, a user can also select Outlook contacts to be synchronized with CRM.

    CRM does not create new folders in Outlook for these contacts. Outlook contacts that are tracked in CRM will be kept synchronized so that changes may be made to either the Outlook or CRM copy. Only contacts in the default contact folder in Outlook can be synchronized.

    CRM does not synchronize account to Outlook records.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012 3:11 PM