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    When I'm processing a ChangeBatch, all the ItemChanges are Updates, but when the ItemChange is Update, the SaveChangeAction is always UpdateVersionOnly, even when the metadata/item has definitely changed. Creation works perfectly, so I know that ALL changes aren't being set to UpdateVersionOnly, just Updates. How/Where does the sync framework decide what type of change the action is? Thanks!

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  • The engine makes a determination about the change type based on the knowledge and versions handed to the change applier.


    Typically an updateVersionOnly save change action results from a conflict resolution in which the local item won. Is your conflict policy perhaps local wins?


    In this case, it would seem you are potentially detecting false conflicts. First place to look is to make sure you are saving updated knowledge correctly (check your SaveItemChange() implementation). Also, you should verify your change tracking code isn't inadvertently updating your local version when nothing has changed. Additionally, you should ensure the destination versions you are supplying to the change applier are valid.


    Hope that helps,

    Neil Padgett

    Program Manager, Microsoft Sync Framework

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 10:16 PM