Switching off of programs... RRS feed

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  • Sorry if the title isn't very descriptive of the problem, but I can't think of just what to call it (which, incidentally, makes it difficult to decide just where to ask this) so please bear with me.

    Since upgrading to Win 7 home premium 64-bit from WinXP pro, I've had some very odd behavior popping up, almost like there's some process in the background that's demanding attention. Specifically, when I have something like notepad or firefox open, skimming along reading or typing, on a fairly regular basis it suddenly goes away from the program... it doesn't shut it down or even switch to another window, it just stops responding until I deliberately click on the program again. Similar behavior seems to be affecting a game I picked up recently, Torchlight, which will, apparently randomly, switch windows and go to the desktop while continuing to run in the background.

    It's not really a life-threatening problem, but it's getting highly annoying, particularly when doing a lengthy bit of typing only to suddenly find it's not responding again. Any help or suggestions, or directions on where I should post this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thursday, December 3, 2009 1:22 AM