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  • I have a very frustrating problem I can't find a solution to for weeks now.


    I have a user who is building reports in Visual Studio. She logs into her PC as herself, remotes into the server with admin credentials and opens a report project within VS'08. After building the report, she previews it and attempts to print it from within that window (I believe this is actually the report viewer control?).


    The result is as follows (sorry for quality, its scanned but if you zoom in you should be able to see it; believe me on physical paper it looks a lot more pronounced): http://i49.tinypic.com/15y6lic.jpg


    As you can see, the right hand side of each column is cut off.


    Here are my observations/troubleshooting steps I've seen/done:

    1) The preview window looks just fine on her or any other system

    2) Doesn't matter if you print to the network printer installed locally to the server or to her RDP forwarded printer.

    3) If she uses the same login procedure on another laptop (login as herself, RDP to server, VS->Preview->Print same report) it comes out fine. This would lead me to think its her laptop but referring to #2 - we're not using her RDP printer but rather the printer installed on the server.

    4) Going along with #3 and the idea that it seems to be her machine, I customized the RDP settings for that connection to drop the resolution to 1280x1024. I walked up to the server and printed the same report while that resolution was set and it was fine (yeah I know, it was a shot in the dark)

    5) For the time being, I have her deploy the report to Sql Reporting Services, browse to the website and print from there. She browses to it ON the server which only leads me to more confusion. From the looks of it, the control used inside VS is the same control being used to display the report on the website, yet deploying it and then printing it works fine. Same thing if she browsed to it on her local machine.

    6) Yes, I tried a restart.

    7) I ran into a KB but it was for 2008. QFE KB946411. I'm brave, I tried to run it anyway on the relevant Server 03' box - no help.


    Any help is much appreciated..



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