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  • I recently had Tech Support enable  a new install of VS 2010 on my new WIN 10 computer. Now an older C++ source code developed under VITA presents an error "Setup 1.vdprqoj not supported by this version". I'd like to get my compile to run again.


    I’m truly up against a stone wall. I am attempting to determine if a specific file has been recently written to by another program. My periodic recirculation loop finds a new file at startup (LastWriteTime is zero). If I manually transfer a new file it is also found immediately. If I transfer using Team Viewer from one computer to this one, the file is found immediately. However, if the other program creates/writes a new version of the file, my loop finds the first such file immediately but it only finds subsequent new files spasmodically. If I leave my program looping, it will usually find the new file after several minutes. If I examine the created/written file, I find it has indeed been updated with new data appended and a new date modified has been posted. Yet my loop returns the same ftWrite.dwHighDateTime value as previously returned. I suspect it is not truly reading the new Write Time. Why? if(interval==0) { if(_access_s("C:/RMS/RMS TRIMODE/LOGS/RMS Trimode_ADIF_201211.adi",00)==0)//ch

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020 4:00 PM