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    Please refer to the Forums Community Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer any questions you have on how to register for the Microsoft Interoperability Forum and how to post on the forum.  Here are some key guidelines to get you started:

    How do I register for a Microsoft Windows Live� ID account?
    You can register for a Windows Live ID account by visiting the Profile Center. Click My Personal Information in the Profile Center section to begin creating your profile. After creating the Windows Live ID account, you can sign in to the Forums by using this user name and password.

    How do I post a new message?
    After signing in, you can post a new message to a Forum by clicking an appropriate option in the Start New Thread drop-down. The options include Ask a Question, General Discussion, and Post Announcement. You can post announcements in a Forum only if you are a Moderator.

    After selecting the type of post that you want to create, you can type the subject and body of the post. You can either input and format code to your message by using the rich text editor code snippet toolbar and dialogs or copy formatted text from Visual Studio and paste it into the rich text editor.

    After creating the subject and body, you can submit the post by clicking the Submit button.



    How do I reply to an existing message?
    To reply to a post, click Reply displayed with the post. You can also quote an existing message as reply by clicking Quote next to the post that you want to quote as reply. If you do not see the Reply or Quote options when viewing a post, you either do not have permissions to reply (you may need to sign in first) or the post does not allow replies.

    How do I edit my posts?
    To edit your post, click the Edit drop-down next to the post you want to edit, and then click Edit. The post opens in an editor where you can modify it. After modifying the post, type the reason for modification in the Edit Reason box, and then click Submit.


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