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    When I click "search" on the toolbar, it opens the small "Windows Live Search" panel to the left.  I search for a subject, and a list of "hits" appears in the left-panel.  But suddenly today, when I click a link, it opens the webpage in the small search panel, rather than the main browser window.  This began happening last week at work (Windows 2000, IE 6), and just occurred here  (Windows 98SE, IE5.5).  I can click-n-drag to the main window, it works fine; but if I forget, there's no way back --- the "back" button only works for the main browser window.  I have to close the search, and re-open it.


    I just did a "scanreg/restore" on this W98 computer, tried yesterday's registry, then last week's --- no effect.  I looked in "tools/internet_options", can't find a helpful entry.


    This is annoying; I don't always remember to "drag".  How do I fix it?


    A thousand "thank-you's" to he (she) who can help.



    Sunday, October 7, 2007 6:52 PM