a question about remote desktop, domain and firewall RRS feed

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    i could not find a proper forum for this, so please if there is a suitable forum i ll be happy to be directed to it.

    i was wondering if the following scenario can be done, if not is there any third parity applications that can do it?

    i have a server that users can connect to it with remote desktop (like 5-10 users simultaneously) to run certain applications, the users are authenticated from a domain controller. is it possible to impose a different firewall policies for each user ? or if there are more than firewall policy there will be effectively only one of them?

    the applications use network extensively, and i want to limit some users to some network servers so they can't access the other servers, while some higher privileged  users can still access all of them. and if there is a way to limit bandwidth usage per user it would also be great.

    Sunday, May 13, 2012 6:58 AM