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  • So basically I had an issue activating my windows, called up the toll free line and had a couple minutes of conversation with very unclear sound quality which made it very difficult to understand the representative.

    After which I ended up being transferred, waiting, no biggie. 

    Getting to the next representative, the horrible sound quality followed and I ended up having to Phonetically label my Product Key. ( Victor Tango Henry etc ) After this, the representative needed to transfer me again.

    Again, I understand the different departments need to work different areas of an issue. However I was informed 3-5 minutes. Cool, I can wait that. What was supposed to be 3-5 minutes came out to be 15-30 minutes of some odd music.

    FINALLY, wait was done, it started ringing. Maybe he just completed a long issue? I do not know, but when the phone stopped ringing, I heard a bit of shuffling. No "Hello", no reply to my greetings... and then simply, he hung up.



    Now I suppose I am only venting because eventually I am going to have to call again and go through that process. This is one of the few times that I have ever dabbled into Microsoft Support ( In any manner ). Working in Customer Support, I know the drill, what could have happened. Before I continue to call though, I want to know what to expect. 


    Has anyone else had bad or unexpected sorts of quality when contacting Microsoft?


    (Dear mods, your forums are scary. I do not know where to post appropriately, feel free to move my topic appropriately).

    Sunday, May 15, 2011 10:34 PM

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