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    Until five weeks ago ONECARE was running fine.  At the time I had Norton's Corp Antivirus installed, as well as SpiBot.  Even with both of these programs installed I had no issue with ONECARE.  Then ONECARE updated itself and my computer would hang and boot very slow.  If you could get to Task Manager you could shut down svhost.exe and the system would finally boot. 


    I have de-installed Norton’s Corp AV, de-installed SpiBot and reloaded ONECARE (three times).  This seemed to resolve the boot issues, but know as the following excerpt explains the Antivirus & Spy ware scanner runs very slow.  I let it run for 24 hours and it reached 10%.  If you can't get this fixed quick please advice as to how I can reinstall Norton's CORP AV in the interim so that I have reliable and dependable virus protection.


    Excerpt from "Dgfria2"


    "An update that has caused my computer to slow down to a crawl.  Anti-virus, in express mode, takes hours to complete 1%, you heard it right one (1) percent.


    I've checked the forums about the svchost.exe and winss.exe excessive run times while no other application is running.  As a result, I attempted to defeat the peer-to-peer processes; unsuccessfully.  Delete winss.exe and you stop One Care and risk infection.


    Don't stop winss.exe and the CPU resources are tied up.  Stop winss.exe and leave the computer open to security attacks.


    I've tried to contact One Care to address this problem and there seems to be no way to raise concern for my dilemma.


    I've tried to use System Restore to return One Care to the old version, but the update over-rides my attempt and the problem returns.   I've used the cleanup routine provided and reinstalled One Care and the same problems return.


    While One Care was disabled, my computer was clear of resource hogging."


    Although I do not know if anyone else is having this problem but since I installed ONECARE my Microsoft Office Pro is having problems.  Some of the problems are slowness, non-responsive to menu selection, hanging…. 


    I think their maybe a conflict between the two, though I have not uninstalled Office to find out.


    Saturday, December 15, 2007 4:45 PM