crm2015: sync Workflow: how to retrieve the old value of a changed field RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    i want to create a Workflow that informs a User if an account

    - new created
    - deleted
    - Status changed
    - some field values changed


    a) i need to know, which of the 4 startcritearias started the wf (new, deleted, etc.)

    b) if a field value changed. Which of the (in the list auf fields that a change will start the WF) has changed, and/or what was the old value und what is the new value.

    The field "Type" was changed from xxxxx to xxxxxxxxx
    The field "Name" was not changed

    If if could get the old and the new values in the WF i could compare the old and the new value and then i could say which one changed.

    The only way, that it will work is, that i create 5 separate WFs

    • one, which triggers on Create
    • one, which triggers on Status change
    • one, whicht triggers on delete
    • one, which triggers on change the field type
    • one, which triggers on change the field name ... but i then still have no old value to inform the receiver of the mail, from which old value it changed to the new value

    What if use: Start at: BEVORE Fields change??

    Many thx for any hints.

    Greets PeB

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  • For the start criteria, you are right on, you would likely want multiple workflows that are then all nested inside a master workflow that then filters to the child workflows based on conditions. 

    For your field change, you would either need to use auditing or some sort of plug-in or script.  could use a script to hold off the values of a changed field but you are going to end up with some extra data in the system doing that.  No great clean ways of doing that kind of before/after auditing. 

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