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    I have a re-occuring situation, not nessarily a problem. One care works fine for the most part. When I start up my computer OneCare starts up with the little OneCare symbol in green. After a few minutes it turns yellow and tells me I need to go to onecare download web site for a download.

    The thing is, is it is the same download everytime. For Service Pack two, I can't remember the rest of what it says, there is a number associated with it.

    I do this everyday. I have had OneCare for a while and did see this before, once onecare started up with the rest of my programs and *** it jsut stayed green unless I neededto do a back up, which was once every two weeks or so.       

    Anyone else this has happened to? Once I do the download then onecare if fine, I don't have to mess with it.

      I would like to be able to start up my computer and have OneCare just run and not have to go throught this same download everyday. Just seems that it's stuck on wanting this one download.



    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 6:01 AM