how to get microsoft to loose your Xbox 360 RRS feed

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  • This is a very worrying situation. I had a problem with my x box 360 (not reading discs) and was told via email support that it needed sending in to be fixed. On their lketter was a link to print off the procedure and a mailing label to send into theirChullora Australia repair centre. I sent it in as described and a week later was worried as I had not heard anything from them.NOW THE FUN AND GAMES BEGIN. I inadvertantly overlooked the serial number bit when I sent the console in, but the need for this serial number was not made clear to me, so that was why it was overlooked. any how I speak to one of the Customer support people, he told me it was there but they could not find it. I told them that it was in a particular box with their SRX ID number on it with my home address adhered to the box. Any how next telephone call the person tells me it never arrived. I asked him "since you say you cannot identify who's console yoou have there how can you state it is not there??? and further more where has it gone because it was there a day ago???? I am told that without the serial number they cannot identify who's console belongs to who ( even though it was sent with a job number on the outside of the box and the senders name clearly printed on it.

    I am told that the packaging is discarded and the srx number is there to ensure the sender has spoken to someone and got a number. They also throw away any trace of the senders identity. Now I don't know if I am going out on a limb here, but dose'nt that seem a stupid way to do things? I would stick the id with the console as a verification of ownership rather than leaving yourself open for errors, also the srx number on the box lets them know what the customers problm was so that they could narrow bown the examination to a specific problem.

    Any how, after much yelling and screaming at them , they have agreed to send me a "put together "console that will be checked before it is sent to me. It has ben 3 weks now and I still have not received anything, plus one of their (microsofts) customer care supervisors rang me today to abuse me because I sent an email into the USA office stating that I was not happy. I asked for his supervisors contact details, only to be told that he has a boss but he cannot give me the contact details because they are confidential, and I can only go as far as him.

    I am thoroughly NOT HAPPY with this so called customer service, and You should be ashamed of yourself treating customers like that. He told me I was lucky to be getting a replacement since I cannot prove I sent it in the first place, and he was rude and turse, so thanks ZACK!!!!!

    I am now going to consumer affairs with this problem and I have lots of emails too and fro showing the degree of mucking around I have ben subjected to.

    I cannot beleive that they are self regulating and not answerable to anyone, but they refuse to give me a person to complain to.

    can anyone help me

    Thursday, June 3, 2010 11:04 AM


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    Carey Frisch
    Thursday, June 3, 2010 12:44 PM