Can't restore data from dead (out of circle) PC? RRS feed

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    I can't see a way in the help or this forum to restore files that were backed up from a pC that is now dead, and therefore no longer in the 'circle'.


    I have three PC's. 

    On PC A I have an external USB drive that Live OneCare uses as the backup device for all my systems.


    PC B was in my circle and was being backed up to this external drive attached to A.  Then it died. It is no longer in my circle, and I don't know how to add it back now that it's dead.


    Now I want to restore the files that were backed up from PC B onto PC C (or for that matter to PC A I don't really care which).  However, when I try to restore the data that used tobe on PC B, PC B doesn't show up on the list of data that can be restored. 


    I've checked and the actual data seems to be stored on the backup drive so it's not gone - it just seems that Live OneCare refuses to se it because PC B is no longer in the circle.


    So, how do I get at the backed up files?

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008 2:10 AM