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  • MINIX 3 Features

    • POSIX compliant
    • Networking with TCP/IP
    • X Window System
    • Languages: cc, gcc, g++, perl, python, etc.
    • Over 650 UNIX programs
    • Many improvements since V2
    • Full multiuser and multiprogramming
    • Device drivers run as user processes
    • High degree of fault tolerance
    • Full C source code supplied

    Hardware Required

    To run MINIX 3, you need a PC driven by a 386, 486, or Pentium CPU or compatible. The standard configuration requires 16 MB of RAM. An 8-MB version is also available, but it is slower due to a smaller buffer cache. Since the distribution comes on a live CD, you can test it without allocating any hard disk space, but for a hard disk installation, 50 MB is needed as a minimum, 600 MB minimum if you want all the sources.

    Current Status

    The current version of MINIX 3 (3.1.2) is a work in progress. It is nowhere near as mature as FreeBSD or Linux right now. Ports to the Xscale and PowerPC are underway. Various programs and device drivers are being ported, and so on. People who would like to help develop a highly reliable operating system are more than welcome
    Friday, May 11, 2007 2:56 PM

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