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  • I have run into an interesting bug.  I have recently been moving a lot of files to the WHS (RC1) as I was planning on re-formating my computers and having a fresh install back up on the WHS as I have been running WHS now for 6 months w/ only one minor issue which is resloved.  A day or two later, I got a system critical message that I had less than 5Gb of storage (storage status error) on the WHS and back ups are turned off.  On the consule it shows that I have just over 1Tb and only half is full.  In spite of this, I turned off all the duplication to see if that would clear up some free space and fix the problem.  It did not and even though the WHS console shows that I have more free space it still says that I have less than 5Gb free.  I remoted into the server and looked at the my computer screen and it shows that my C: drive has 16Gb free, however the D: is out of space (The primary drive is a 500Gb drive so D: had about 470Gb).  I then go into defrag and it shows that my other drives (two others 500Gb and 80Gb) are out of space as well.  It seems to me that the WHS is not deleting the files that it has moved between computers and/or is not clearing things that no longer need to be duplicated therefore leaving a lot of "cluter" that gums up the drives.  It would be helpful if anyone knew of a way to fix this problem, and I'm hoping that RTC will become availbe (anyone know when this will be readly availbe?) for purchase in hopes that it will solved the problem.  Of course I'm backing up all the data that was on the server so it will not be lost. 

    Along the same theme of backing up is there a way to copy the system back ups to a disk for long term storage?  This would be great for a disk image of a fresh install incase the server goes down like it will most likely do at some point in one's life.  An idea for the team or someone looking to make an add-in (as this is beyond me). 

    Lastly as I have mentioned defrag.  All the drives are horribly defragmented (>95%), so maybe running defrag will fix the issue.  If this is the case then something like disk sweeper would be necessary and it should have been build in to the system as at some point everyone will run into this issue over time. 

    Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.  If you are having issue please say, then we can get a bug report in.

    Saturday, October 13, 2007 4:55 PM

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  • Evening,

    Firstly, how did you transfer the files to WHS? If you didn't do it through the Shared Folders, WHS won't be able to identify them correctly and so they won't be 'migrated'

    Secondly, if you read through the forum, you will find that de-frag programs from 3rd party vendors are available for beta testing.

    Thirdly, what system backups are you worried about? If it's WHS, replacing the system drive is fairly straightforward. After fitting the new drive, boot from the DVD and it will give you the option to re-install. If you have a lot of info in the shared folders, it could take quite some time as it rebuilds all the tombstones etc from the existing data. All you need to re-enter is the Users and Add-ins etc.






    Saturday, October 13, 2007 5:42 PM