Trouble Accessing Console but not Shared Folders RRS feed

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  • I have been having trouble with my WHS box.  It is a HP SmartMedia server.  Whenever I try to login to the console I get the error message, "Computer cannot connect to your home server. Check your network connection and make sure home server is powered on.  If home server has been recently been restarted, please wait." On top of that, I can not connect when I am away from home via xxxx.homeserver.com.  However, I can access all the content via the shared folders, many which I have mapped to My Computer.  But I need to access the console because I have another hard drive I would like to install as a back-up. I have read many forums about people having the same issue but it seems there is never a correct answer that I can find. 

    I have done the following in attempt to fix: (of what I can remember doing, I have put this off for a couple of months)
    1.  Restarted PCs, router, modems, WHS
    2.  Forward ports on router
    3.  Bought a new router
    4.  Moved out of state
    5.  Tried editing a host file. (did not work, also this just seems like a work around and not a fix)

    I have 2 main computers with WHS console installed on them.  Both give me the same problem.  They are Windows 7 64 bit versions.  One access via wireless, one is connected to router. My router is a D-Link DIR-655.  When the problem started, I was on a Belkin N+.

    I hope this is enough to go off of, if not please let me know or if there is a link to a similar problem with a fix.  Thanks.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011 9:26 PM