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  • Greetings,

    I've got a situation with 2 domains ("internal-domain.lan" and "external-domain.com"). Internally, my Exchange server is hosting autodiscover.internal-domain.lan service and Call logs and Voice mail notifications are working in Tanjay.

    My question is do I need to have Host A record for autodiscover.external-domain.com in order to have Call logs and Voice mail notification information on Tanjays when the phones are conecting externally from outside my network (i.e. from public interned)? Does my Exchange server need to have publically signed certificate for Tanjay -> Exchange TLS communication to work?

    Thank you for reply.


    Monday, July 20, 2009 10:28 AM


  • Ognjen,

    The SRV requirements for autodiscover is for Outlook 2007 RTM users that could use the SRV records to get a referral to AutoD instead of using the URL/ReDirect method.  The SRV for autoD presents the external client with autoD.domain.com namespace. 

    For the tanjay phones, which also have the MOC client on them, you will need to implement the '_sip._TLS. domain name' SRV record in the external DNS name.   This will ensure that the clients can are conversing using TLS.  Ofcourse, for TLS to work properly, the Tanjay will need to have the correct certificate.  The DNS query from the Tanjay MOC client will be for the suffix that is used for login e.g. joe@domain.com. So, if that is an external hosted domain (as usually people choose their email address as their SIP address) then you will need an external certificate on your FE as well as the external MOC client. 

    Now, if the external remote user are connecting to your production network via VPN first and then logging in the MOC client, then you wont need an external certificate since this will put the MOC client in the internal logging scenario.

    The Call logs are processed by the FE server and will still continue to work with above solution.  The VoiceMail piece is a separate piece that requires integration with Exchange as you mentioned.  You will need a certificate on your UM server as you may already know to implement the required 'SIP Secured'  Voip security type.  Once these are configured properly ( assuming you have run the ExchUMutil.exe and OCSUMUtil.exe cmd) your external users will be able to get their notifications either through the VPN you have logged into or if its pure external scenario then through the Exch -> FE -> Mediation -> Access.

    In addition, you will need an A records referring to the FE server hosting the Device Update Server in the external DNS.  This will be required to update the tanjay phones, which now have dependencies on DNS instead of Sharepoint.


    Monday, July 20, 2009 8:33 PM