Cannot connecct to HTTP:// sites. but I can connect to HTTPS:// RRS feed

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  •  Can anyone offer any assistance on this.   This morning at about 0630, my computer lost connection to the internet, Sort of.  I am running Windows Vista with Microsoft One Care on a newer dual core hp.  My icon in the bottom shows that I have internet connectivity, my MSN messenger connects and tells me that I have new mail messages but I cannot open my mail client or any web page that begins with HTTP://.   I can however go to any web page that begins with HTTPS://.  This kind of sounds like I have some sort of trojan or worm on it.   I ran a virus scan on it and it found nothing.  My daughters computer worked fine when it started up this morning and then when I restarted it during lunch, it is now doing the same thing.  It is running XP with One Care over a wireless connection.  My laptop is now doing the same.  I have reset my gateway and set it back to factory defaults.  It still shows as being connected to the internet.  I have turned off my fire walls, and I have tried uninstalling them.  No change.  I have contacted my ISP and they said that it is an OS issue and that they cannot fix it.  This leaves me up a creek.  Any advice besides using it as a giant paper weight?



    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 7:08 PM