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  • I was under the impression that live onecare was going to become free in July.  Was this info wrong, or did i just misunderstand what i was reading?  I know this might make me sound like a cheapskate, but i wasn't going to pay for the subscription if the protection was going to become free as soon as my trial period ended! But, if this is wrong and i am still required to buy it, i will definitely be purchasing it as soon as i figure out the answer!
    Monday, June 22, 2009 7:43 AM


  • No, OneCare will never be free.  It is simply ending sales on June 30th, so no new sales of it will be allowed after that date.

    What will be coming out as a beta on Tuesday June 23rd (tomorrow) is a new free anti-malware only product called Microsoft Security Essentials (its code name was Morro).  It will provide basically the same core malware protection as OneCare did, but none of the other features like backup, outbound firewall or the hub.  If all you ever really used was the malware protection it should be equivalent for your purposes.  See the post about it at the top of the General Froum for more information and a link to the program starting Tuesday.

    Please note that the beta coming out on Tuesday is not yet a 'finished' product and is still under testing.  Unless you are the type that likes to 'test' new software, I'd wait until the released version comes out later this year, probably around the time Windows 7 is released in late October.

    If you have never purchased OneCare before, it won't be available after June 30th, so you can either purchase it to use until the new program is released or unistall it and try the new free beta program instead.

    Monday, June 22, 2009 12:59 PM