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  • I've just replaced the system drive in a 2 drive WHS system. The original drives were both 320G SATA drives. I copied the system drive to a new 500G SATA drive expanding only the data partition. I identified the drives prior to the clone by tracing the cables back to the port on the SATA connections on the motherboard.

    The clone went without incident. When rebooted with the new drive and the 2nd data only drive, it went bad. The 500G drive reported space in the second partition as not added to the storage pool and the initial system drive as not present. The backup service was also not running. In the WHS console under settings/ backup it said to reboot and see if the service was started, I did this numerous times but the backup service didn't start. The drives didn't reconnect as expected. After a bit of searching for cables I reconnect the removed drive and rebooted. While logged in locally the recently restored 320G system showed up as the third drive in Computer management / disk management utility. A lot of hard disk activity was occurring but I couldn't get the WHS console to respond locally on the server. I shut down the server and removed the 320G (3rd drive) original system disk and rebooted. The system now showed the 500G drive with the system partition and data partition active with the 2nd 320G data only drive present as expected. Quite a lot of disk drive storage balancing happened after this but all appears well.

    Under computer management there are a number of errors in the logs coincident with this incident. Has anyone had this kind of trouble? I searched the forums and most had success with similar operations replacing the system drive with a larger drive.

    Monday, May 5, 2008 10:12 AM

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  • Jebz,

    It's not the new drive/cloning that's the problem, it's because you re-added the original system disk back into the equation. It meant you now had two system disks, which no doubt caused confusion to say the least!

    If you're going to use cloning, instead of the recommended method of re-install, then when you re-attach the 'old' system disk, you should keep it outside the storage pool until you have done a quick format of it through Disk Management. You could then add it to the storage pool without problems.




    Monday, May 5, 2008 2:33 PM
  • The very safest thing to do with an old system disk (and this is true no matter what version of Windows was on it) is to boot something like an Acronis Disk Director rescue disk, or even an XP boot disk, and delete the partitions on the old system disk. Once all the partitions are gone, the disk is fairly safe. Smile
    Monday, May 5, 2008 3:23 PM
  • >It's not the new drive/cloning that's the problem, it's because you re-added the original system disk back into the equation.

    I only re-attached the original drive as a last resort. I rebooted with only the new 500G system and original 320G data drive many times but the data portion of the system drive stayed offline and the sytem reported the original drive as missing. This is something I wasn't expecting.In the end re-attaching the old system drive for short boot cycle seemed to bring the system back together, the old drive was then removed as it should.
    Monday, May 5, 2008 7:41 PM