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    What the Heck Why am I posting at 4:40am Eastern US ? Here's why Tune-up has been running here on my Vista Ultimate computer from Hell system for almost 3 days Removing files not performed Unknown and Defrag might not even be wloc fault, Digging around Defrag in vista just plan sucks it doesn't even look at my second hard drive and I can't tell it to either. now that's one of my tune-up issues the other Defrag can't be performed unknown error.


    Well you probbily thinking I reported the other day my xp computer ran tune-up with no Issues guess what I was dreaming it was a one time fluke it ran that once on a new windows profile a restart of my xp computer fixed that It to is now back to showing the same messed up behavior as my Vista Computer.


    When will wloc fix this Tune-up mess.

    A fix is needed soon these long nights is costing me 300.00 dollar power bill from my computer running 24/7 with me waiting on tune-up to finish. I had another Life once but I for got what happen to it. 


    Update: I can sleep now v2.0.2318.12 has arrived

    Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:56 AM