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  • I bought Money 2000 Professional years back and I found it, for my necessities, simply great! At the time my OS was XP: then I changed my pc into a lap-top with OS 7 64 bit and to let work properly my Money......, I had to downgrade the Win7 to 32 bit.

    Now it works fine! Every morning when I switch on my lap-top, a message appears leading me to download the ultimate version of Win 10, but I am well aware of the fact that said program (Money P 2000) is not compatible with this OS (WIN 10).

    Nevertheless, I would like to update Money 2000 Professional with a new version without losing over 15 years of my book-keeping/accountancy: what can I do? how to do it? is there a new program capable to inglobate/update all registered data?

    Thank you


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  • Money 2000 (and earlier and later versions of Money) are known to work with 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Whatever problems you had with 64-bit Windows 7 were solvable without downgrading to 32-bit.

    See the second post in this forum and install whichever of the latest available versions of Money is appropriate for your region.

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  • If you move to Windows 10, I would plan to stay with Money 2000 given your preferences.  If you are in the US, you can switch to Money Plus later if you like, and it will convert your US Money 2000 file. If you are outside North America, there is a 2005 version.

    Money Plus has some advantages and some disadvantages  for you. Money 2000, for example, has a nice Help built in.  A big advantage for Plus is that it automatically saves more than one upon-exit and scheduled backup files. That prevents a corrupted file from being saved over your only good backup.  There is a good chance that you are sophisticated enough to have your own backups of different vintage files. It is better to get motivated for better backups without a personal traumatic experience.

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/windows-10-default-path-for-documents-changing/038bb9b7-1494-47de-a94d-50882a6863c8?auth=1 may be relevant to where you would want to put the *.mny and *.mbf. I consider my Money files sensitive. I use a OneDrive account, but I separately encrypt my *.mbf files before copying them to my  OneDrive folder. I am not saying that the average person should be concerned. Heck, many people use online personal finance "account aggregation" software such as Mint, and provide all of their accounts access info to them.

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  • Money 2000, for example, has a nice Help built in.

    Microsoft provides a standalone help file for Money Plus Sunset and it is available through the Downloads web site:


    Also - a word of warning about storing your working copy of your Money file in the OneDrive folder. Money makes multiple edits every time you make any change to any transaction or any other data in the file. It is a database file, and Money expects it to be instantly available to make all the reads and writes. If you place it in a folder that tries to update a cloud copy, it could cause the database to become corrupted when Money tries to update it, but OneDrive is busy copying it over the Internet. The Readme.htm file for Plus (found in your "Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus" folder) has a strong warning against using a file that is on a share - see #20.

    Cal's suggestion of putting a copy in that folder is fine.

    Bob - MSN Mobile

    Friday, March 4, 2016 6:03 PM