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  • An exception is thrown when I try to serialize this class: Classdiagram (in reality there are many more derived classes)
    The derived classes are serializable and are only used for initialisation. (e.g. InstallAction ia = new InstallFont("somefont"))

    The exception says something about the serialiser not expecting "InstallFont" (or any other derived class),
    and suggests to use the attribute XmlInclude or SoapInclude.
    But I'm not a big fan of these attributes... Imho the base class shouldn't know about it's derived classes.

    So I tried to avoid the problem by adding a new abstract property (object[] Parameters) which is able to get and set all variables.
    Then I marked all other properties with [XmlIgnore] so they won't be serialized.
    But when I run this code, the same exception is still thrown...

    Is there any workaround for this?
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  • And something else:

    I've got a class InstallItem, which is used in InstallItemCollection, which is used in InstallPage.
    When I implement IEnumerable<T> in InstallItemCollection and in InstallPage, I get the following xml output:
    And all other properties aren't serialized.
    (also I have to implement the non generic ICollection for at least one of both classes so the serializer won't whine about "Error cs0136")

    When I delete the IEnumerable interface for InstallItemCollection, I get the following xml output:
    <ArrayOfInstallItemCollection><InstallItemCollection Name="test">...</InstallItemCollection><ArrayOfInstallItemCollection>
    So now it serializes other properties from InstallItemCollection, but still not for InstallPage.
    This is what I expect:
    <InstallPage Name="TestPage"><OtherProperties... /><InstallItemCollection Name="test">...</InstallItemCollection><InstallPage>
    But this would mean I can't use IList<T> or any other interface implementing IEnumerable<T>.

    (I'm getting really really irritated by System.Xml.Serialization...)

    Monday, July 14, 2008 4:58 PM
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    This is regarding your example:

     InstallAction ia = new InstallFont("somefont")


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