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  • The only code sample showing the use of SQL Express as a sync client is about a year outdated and uses an older version of the Express db (without the integrated Change Tracking found in SQL 2008 Express). The solution requires special triggers, columns and tombstone support. Question? Is there (or will there be) an updated code sample posted showing the SQL 2008 <=> SQL 2008 Express sync scenario making full use of the integrated change tracking features and utilizing Sync Services 2.0 (not last year's release). VS2008 has a wizard to create a local data cache. It will only use SQL Compact Edition as a local cache and is not able to use SQL 2008 Express. Question? Will this wizard be updated for VS2008? Released as part of VS2010 .NET 4.0? or Never, because MS wants everyone to buy into their cloud service offerings? It seems to me that an n-Tier sync solution SQL 2008 at Head Office, with SQL 2008 Express out in the field would be one of the most common scenarios given the integrated change tracking (all but eliminating most of the coding) of the 2008 products. SQL Compact just doesn't cut it for most of us. When your "mobile" device is a laptop and not a cell phone. I will take SQL Express 2008 any day over any other "free,low-cost" solution out there. It is performant, stable, and just plain works well. How about an updated SQL2008Express provider and C# code-samples so we can get beyond the lab experiments and just get out business done? Right now I can sync laptop-based SQL 2008 Express databases to a local SQL Compact 3.5 DB and then sync that through WCF to the head office SQL 2008 master repository using the VS2008 local data cache wizard and code samples from the net, but why? An updated local data cache creation wizard for VS2008 would be welcomed by many of us out here in the real world. Thanks for listening...
    Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:36 PM


  • knorwick,

    We recently shipped a first class provider for SQL Server called SqlSyncProvider and walkthough demonstrating how it is used can be found here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd918848(SQL.105).aspx.  We have not completely fleshed out our story related to leveraging integrated change tracking with this version of the Sync Framework (SyncFx).  The nice thing about SyncFx is that it provides a significant amount of flexibility around the shape of your topology as well as the ability to add support for additional store types.  That level of flexibility requires more metadata and the change tracking feature that Shipped with SQL Server 2008 (due to timing) did not provide that level of support.  That being said, we know that this is an important requirement and are engaged with the appropriate teams in order to deliver on this request as quickly as possible.  This likely will not happen by the time SyncFx v2 ships but rest assured that we will make every attempt to bring those bits online as soon as possible.


    However, we did include some new provisioning capabilities in CTP2 that allow you to take an existing database and add all of the triggers and side tables necessary to support your scenario with very few lines of code.   This is demonstrated in the link above as well.


    Sean Kelley
    Program Manager
    Wednesday, September 2, 2009 12:26 AM