Xbox Network won't work RRS feed

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  • Hi, my connection to any network always has no bars on my xbox but it has 2-4 on others. It is really anoying because then I cannot contact my Xbox Live friends. It has been like this all the time and is just getting out of hand now. I really want you to fix it or I may not buy anything made from the Microsoft company ever again.

    and also, An xbox live user with the gamertag zzGHOSTzz 007 has been bullying me for a year, i have sent multiple file complaints about him but nothing ever happened. Your team is making a right fool of themselves, they probably just sit around rocking their chair and playing with their pencil like 9 year olds. I would like zzGHOSTzz 007 to be banned for in the rules, it is the price for bullying or I will bring this into court so he will be jailed for 5 years which is also the price for cyber bullying

    Thursday, June 5, 2014 5:06 PM