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  • how can the conflict resolution be done using merging? what are the requirements for merging??? what should bedone after the callback OnConflict is called????


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  • You first set conflict's resolve action to 

    SYNC_RESOLVE_ACTION.SRA_MERGE in ISyncCallBack.OnConflict(IChangeConflict conflict) callback.


    Actual merging will be done in

    ISynchronousNotifyingChangeApplierTarget.SaveChange(SYNC_SAVE_ACTION saveAction, ISyncChange changeToSave, ISaveChangeContext saveChangeContext).


    saveAction will be SYNC_SAVE_ACTION.SSA_UPDATE_VERSION_AND_MERGE_DATA for merging. Remote data can be retrieved by calling saveChangeContext.GetChangeData(). Then you have to implement your own data merging mechanism to combine local data and remote data.



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