Two Different Impression concept from Monetization and Traffic RRS feed

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    In AdCenter addin, you can get search query traffic from Monthly and Daily traffic, also you can get bidding keyword impression from Monetization. 

    Let’s use a simple user search event as an example.

    A search user searched “Car” and we show 6 ads from position 1 – 6 as following

    Position                Bidding Keyword               Match Type

    1                              Car                                         Exact

    2                              big car                                   Phase

    3                              auto                                       broad

    4                              car                                          exact

    5                              car                                          exact

    6                              red car                                  Phase

    We will count “Car” as 1 impression in both Monthly and Daily Traffic. So Monthly and Daily Traffic are exact search query count, how many times user search the exact term “Car” in a given time period.

    For monetization, we will count the bidding keyword impressions, so in this case, one “car” search causes 3 impressions for bidding keyword “car”, 1 impression for “big car”, 1 for “auto” and 1 for “red car”.   And if user clicks the second ads, “big car” will be attributed with 1 click.

    Thursday, February 21, 2008 2:36 AM