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  • Anyone solved woreless 'bug'issues woth winnt 2016 rvaluation ? Havimg prob wiv lenovo g5080 and evaluation wont upgrade too actual platform plus usual bug laden collapse comtinuimg wireless ignorances although terminal responds netstat wiv service list and server manager has set up dns ,active, ipam,acl, etc etc there are unsolvable cornerings within the position as evau'uation statis & wireless claims ethernet able but disallows netgear soft to load cd for even simple access router as a divided ,and usual development 'trial\test'usuage of isolated net use with win evaluation as yet too find any reasons too comtinue what is\was looking pretty iseful with ibm as400 sna EZ access cliemt setup imported too server manager with iseties navigation early (pre java revamp)v3 even,as400 internetworkings . This isnt the cause or problematic so please dont try too bomb into comparisons of confised version linear time basis of what concider too 'work'with developmental 'new windows'toolings. The lenovo has kept a directpry of its earlier win8.1 platform tjat had a dreaded keyboard 'bug'of fully operational system without keys, why,indeed,opted trying development winnt2016 to view as cliemt server other machines on my network via this nice laptop which has too be said,also,as many other,is suffering windows abises of its developmental 'charge'of builds . Concider perhaps,as path of win8, as occaision too e.o.l end support etc,threat of 'use blue' (win8.1)etc,etc,as disorder of unfainly follows tjat aremt word or emcrypted 'emglish interpreations'you can fimd imfilterimg as 'comments'upon many 'forums'which dont ever 'answer'and always stake sums of 'absolutes'into 'rules'which I suppose may have been or are ways of using windows during the unrealized status of its ipgraded platform(s).
    Saturday, April 7, 2018 2:35 PM


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