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    I did a succesfull backup to a externa USB drive, then later when I wanted to do another back up... it said there was not room on the drive. So I purchased a new, larger drive. 750GB Seagate FreeAgent Pro. (I have not ever installed the seagate software that came with this drive, rather I formatted the drive to wipe it as per seagates recomendations) . I also removed the origianl USB drive from the system.


    I then opened OneCare, went to change settings/backup, selected the drive and saved. then asked it to begin a new backup. It finds 384.9 GB of files to back up (which sounds about right), I click start backup... wait... an alert window pops up and displays: "Windows Live OncCare has encountered an error and will close."


    1. How can I get OneCare to actaully do a backup without aborting.

    2. How do I make it do a full, fresh, "FULL Backup" of all my files on this new drive?


    Windows XP Pro, SP3 and all patches and updates. DELL XPS400 3Ghz Dual Core, 4 GB Ram 3x340GB SATA drives SX300 ATI graphics card.


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    Saturday, July 12, 2008 9:26 PM