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  • I recently purchased a touchdiamond htc. first time smartphone user. here are a few things I'd really like microsoft to make to the underlying windows mobile platform.


    1. power. the phone does not always obey the power plan. esp, after a call has been made or received thru bluetooth. I set the power to turn off the phone after 1 min of idle, but after a call the power will remain on. since I use bluetooth I sometimes do not know and tat sucks up whatever battery left. i have tried. if I leave it on, the battery life goes from an already short 12 hrs to less than 6hrs.


    2. memory. sometimes apps crash. that's given in any OS. but I noticed opera, touchflo3d, messenger, if it crashes, the RAM never returns as freed up. only way is to reboot the phone. this should be addressed?


    3. embedded software. phone mfrs like to embed software w/o option to remove. can microsoft do something about it? like allow the add/remove program function to remove unwnated software?


    4. network dialups. this is not really a biggie as I've set auto dialup to dial nothing if an app requests online access, but it would be nice to have an option to simply say "do not dial" or "use wifi if available, else no dial". much like in the windows OS. gprs is common these days but its bloody expensive and I've had to pay for initial dialups a few times already whenever i change my SIM card (as I travel from country to country and change SIM cards from time to time. changing sim cards reset this option).


    5. the phone function. this is prob my biggest gripe. the phone function I assume (as I have not really checked) is part of windows mobile. it answers calls quite easily (esp on touchdiamond cos of the sensitive touchscreen). sometime one touch from OUTSIDE my pocket or when I'm taking the phone out of my pocket and the phone is answered, or rejected or diverted, etc. can there be an option to specify only to use the "answer/hangup call' button on the phone, or perhaps if on bluetooth, to only answer the call when the bluetooth button is pressed? you know this IS still meant to be a phone!


    I think for now that's it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a better phone?????


    Of course, being a newbie to smartphones perhaps there are already solutions or workarounds to the above. if so please somebody enlighten me??? Thanks!



    Saturday, October 4, 2008 9:09 AM

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  • Hi! I'm also a proud owner of HTC Diamond. Lets see how can I help you:

    1. This is the normal nature of windows mobile. After the call, the phone will obviously turn on to notify the user that the call has ended. After 1min of your call, the device goes into standby mode, with GSM radio being active to handle the call. Since you are using BT radio too, that too is left active. I don't know why are you getting 12h of battery life. I get full 24h of battery life and many times more than that easily. You should try some of these settings:

    • go to start>settings>connections(tab)>beam(turn it off)
    • also, swtich to GSM band if you are not in 3G area. This saves a lot of battery power as 3G is battery eater
    • make sure wifi radio is off when not in use
    2.  No application crashes on my HTC Diamond running default ROM. It must be due to additional application and plugins that you would have installed. Can you enlist the applications that you have installed?

    3. Microsoft ships them plain OS. The OEMs and carriers often add their own applications. Unfortunately, there is currently no provision to remove the OEM/carrier applications


    5. Use the case. I use this case and have also reviewed it at my website: http://gadgetmix.com/index/?p=322
    Also, you can try this application: http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-s2u2.html
    Saturday, October 4, 2008 10:22 AM
  • Hi, firstly thank you for your swift reply. it really IS a nice phone isn't it?


    Just a few things:

    1. Battery life. just reset the device as you recommended. will try over the next few days to see if its any better. Am looking forward to getting the new longer lasting battery though.


    2. I have the htc original casing. its quite ***, and expensive. I will look at the casing you recommended. thanks.


    3. phone function still needs to be updated though, imho Smile


    4. bluetooth and voice commander automatically activing whenever you press the bluetooth button accidently issuses still need to be resolved! Smile



    Saturday, October 4, 2008 11:04 AM
  • I fully agree that the voice commander does fire up automatically whenever you press the bluetooth button. That is done in order to listen to the commands like "call blah";  "open this" and so on.

    I don't use bluetooth headset with my diamond. Phone functions are greatly improved I would say instead if you compare it to the older slew of devices.

    And yes, the phone is clearly blows every phone out of water (atleast in terms of looks) Wink
    Saturday, October 4, 2008 12:30 PM