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  • Hello!  I plunked down $158 and change (mmm, taxes) for the kit because, to my surprise, I am not 'genuine.' I saw that it includes a CD as well, right?

    Well, I did that a little over 7 hours ago and noticed that it still had not gone through.  I remember from past purchase experiences that my card doesn't get charged until the order is complete, so I checked usbank's website to see if it had shown up yet.  Well, it had not shown up yet so I went back to gmail and saw that a link to the order status.  Upon signing in and looking at it, I noticed that the status says "Back Ordered."

    I'm just curious, is that for the cd only?  I can definitely wait, but I was just a little curious about that and if a CD needs to be available to be sent out before the order is complete.  I'd imagine that, after all, the cd key isn't the one that is on back order :).  Is there any sort of time frame as to when that might go through?  I thought that back order status looked a little strange is all.  No big hurry, just thought I'd ask.  Have a good week!


    Thursday, May 4, 2006 12:10 AM


  • Scott:


    It includes both a CD (physical media) and genuine COA sticker, as well as an "e-key" with a tool that will allow you to change your system to genuine while waiting for the physical media. There will not be a need to reinstall Windows, but the CD is there incase you DO need to.


    Let me check into the Back Ordered status inquiry (as to whether or not the E-key will be distributed anyway). I do know we don't ship ANYTHING until the credit card is charged, but I understand the problem you're encountering (having to wait for the e-key, though that won't be backordered).

    Give me a little bit to check.

    -Phil Liu

    Thursday, May 4, 2006 12:17 AM